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About Kenny

A native New Englander, Kenny Bowers began his career forming a partnership in 1992 with well-known chef/restaurateur and fellow New England native Jack Chaplin. The two brought their home-town recipes to North Texans, creating Daddy Jack’s Lobster & Chowder House on Greenville Avenue in Dallas. The original restaurant was only 1,600 square feet, had 50 seats and served dinner only accompanied by beer and wine only, but served to a full house nearly every night.

In 1996 Kenny opened Lefty’s Lobster and Chowder House in Addison, Texas. Lefty’s Lobster and Chowder House again offered New England style seafood, this time to a larger audience. Kenny designed the menu for the restaurant and created a remarkably loyal following. After two years, Kenny sold the restaurant to a partner. 

In late 1998, Kenny helped Dan Vincent, owner of the then “Natchez” restaurant convert his concept to Big Fish Little Fish. Kenny invested in the concept, and brought his unique menu and style of hospitality to the restaurant. It almost immediately tripled in sales and profits.

In March of 1999, Kenny received an offer from Randy Dewitt , the original creator and owner of the 2-unit restaurant chain, Rockfish Seafood Grill. Kenny accepted the position as partner/corporate chef and played a very large part in furthering the development of the concept. The company’s success as influenced by Kenny eventually attracted Brinker International as a partner and positioned Rockfish to be the successful $40 million, 22-unit chain it is today.

After 7 years of developing and building independent concepts and 6 years as a corporate chef, Kenny teamed up with friend and colleague Bob Stegall, a 20-year restaurant operator of both single and multi units. They created the very popular, upscale restaurant Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill in Addison. While the restaurant offers a full range of exquisitely grilled meats, one of the most popular menu items continued to be the hand-made, wood grilled burgers. After daily comments like, “this is the best burger I have ever had” and “you guys should open a burger joint,” Bowers, Stegall, and new addition to the partnership, Mike Hutchinson decided to create a more intimate, casual environment for their delectable burgers. In December, 2008, Kenny opened Kenny’s Burger Joint in Frisco, Texas. In November 2010 Kenny and the team decided to try a new concept and opened Kenny’s Italian Kitchen which is famous for their $1 Midnight Meatballs every Sunday night. Kenny’s Smoke House opened in January 2012 and allowed Bowers to finally focus on his lifelong passion of smoking and grilling meats and seafoods. Most recently, Kenny and his partners opened up a second Kenny’s Burger Joint location in the Lakeside Market in Plano in October 2014. Who knows what will be next for Bowers, Stegall and Hutchinson.

Bowers continues to be a popular guest on local television programs, and is a favorite of both diners and critics.